Pure, high quality organic cotton is the basis of our muslin textile. 

A WAYDA cloth is easy to wash and dry. Always there, everyday and within everything we love.

Ready to use, as your steady companion. Moreover it gets softer every time you wash it.

Every WAYDA piece is carefully garment dyed and hand-crafted with greatest care for our product. The WAYDA cloth are dyed in small lots and then individually tailored. This natural product receives it´s distinctive look and finish through the craftsmanship we put into it. All WAYDAs are unique and small differences cannot be ruled out. Please wash at 30° Celsius on a gentle cycle. Since every washing machine and washing powder is different, results may vary. We recommend separate washing for the first few washes. 

Drying in the dryer is recommended as the "crash"-Look, the special structure of the muslin cotton, develops especially well. 

Cotton pilling happens when shorter fibers separate from longer fibers in the yarn and it is a sign of usage and not a quality defect.