70x70cm, is specifically designed for children who, from experience, favour cotton rather than wool, which can be itchy to their delicate skin. Protecting the neck and head or used to attach the dummy, and may even become their favourite comforter.


100x100cm, is targeting young people and adults. For those who prefer less volume than the big one but can not do without their WAYDA. It is the perfect complement to your child’s outfit.


140x140cm, is suitable for women, men and young adults. It is a trendy and versatile design to match your style and accompany you in any situation, whether at the beach, in the plane or to cocoon your baby. It will quickly prove being invaluable.


200x45cm, brings variation to aficionados of WAYDA cloths. Strongly driven by feedback from our male clientele, it is less voluminous than the large WAYDA cloth and can be worn in “European loop” or “toss” styles to suit both casual and smart wear.


230x70cm, our NEW SIZE for everyone who prefers the format of a scarf and the cosiness of length and volume.